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Athletics Information

Welcome to the Renton HS Athletic Department

Parents/guardians can subscribe for free to the sport/sports their athlete participates in on the league website. With this subscription you are immediately notified when a schedule is changed. Here are instructions on how to subscribe to the league website. Please subscribe so you can have timely information about schedule changes.

KingCo Athletics Subscribe Instructions


For sports schedules, please visit:

2020-2021 School Year Sports Seasons (Updated 4/16/2021)

As mentioned at an earlier this year, KingCo Conference appealed to the WIAA regarding the order of athletic seasons, when those seasons will start, and the length of the seasons. The WIAA approved KingCo’s appeal.

At this writing, no spectators are allowed. However, we anticipate that with the WIAA’s recent announcement of moving to Phase 3, that may change shortly. Continue to check the Renton School District and Renton High School websites under Athletics for updates. 

With an interest in protecting spring sports due to their lost season last year, KingCo’s plan offered the following seasons:

  • KingCo Season 1-   March 1 – April 3 - Boys Golf, Boys Tennis, Cross Country, Football (Feb. 24 start), Girls Soccer, Girls Swim and Dive, and Volleyball. Registration has closed for Season 1 Sports
  • KingCo Season 2-   April 5 – May 8 - Boys Basketball, Boys Swim, Cheer, Girls Basketball, Gymnastics (March 29 start), and Girls and Boys Wrestling.
  • KingCo Season 3-   May 3 – June 12 – (Spring Sports) Baseball, Boys Soccer, Softball, Girls Golf, Girls Tennis, and Track & Field.

Next Steps:

Registration: FamilyID is currently open for Season 3. If you have previously registered for the Off-Season conditioning, you must also go back and register for 3.  Registration will be fast if you have a current account. The last day to clear for spring sports is 5/20/2021.

Physicals: You must have a valid physical on file in athletic office and/or uploaded into FamilyID dated after June 2019 for Season 3 sports. You do not have to drop off hard copies. We PREFER you to upload the physical into your FamilyID Account. Physicals are now valid for two years.

Nurse’s Office: Students that require Individual Health Plans (IHP) due to Life Threatening Illness must have current and up to date plans in Nurse’s Office. All immunizations must be up to date.

Eligibility: WIAA Academic Eligibility states that a student must be passing a minimum of 4 out 5 classes to be eligible to participate.

Fees: There will be no ASB and no Sports Fees for the seasons mentioned this year.

FamilyID is now open for Season 3 (Spring Sports) which will be from May 3 – June 12 for Baseball, Softball, Girls Golf, Boys Soccer, Girls Tennis, and Track and Field. 

Spectators:  Renton High School will be allowing a limited number of spectators at RSD Athletic venues starting on Monday, April 19th.  Up to two (2) family members per ELIGIBLE VARSITY team member will be allowed to attend Home Games/Meets with the maximum number set at 50 spectators for the gyms. 

Coaches will be asking Varsity players to submit the names of 2 family members for the home game.  Coaches will distribute the Athletic Event Attendee Health Screening Agreement Ticket  to the two family members who will be attending. Family members who will be attending as spectators should be prepared to take have their temperatures taken via a seek scan or a handheld thermometer. Seating areas for spectators will be located on the East Side of the Gym. Each family member/spectator will be required to wear their masks properly upon entry and to keep it on until they exit the building at the end of the game. Family members will submit their Athletic Attendee Health Agreement Ticket at the door and follow the listed safety measures.  Once their temperature is taken they will then enter into the gym. Once in the gym, our event staff will monitor that spectators stay in their designated seating area(s) and practice proper social distancing. 

If you have any questions you may want to ask regarding your sport, feel free to contact the following coaches: 

Contact for Girls Softball:  Dan Villalobos <>;

Contact for Cheer:  Ashlee Williams <>;

Contact for Baseball Jason Saisslin <>;

Contact for Track and Field: Lance Winmill <>;

Contact for Boys Soccer: Aaron Howe <>;

Contact for Girls Tennis:  Rashaad Powell <>

Please note that all dates are tentative as we continue to adjust our sports schedules in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Due to shortened seasons, practices and contests could be scheduled on Saturdays.

We are providing livestream viewing of sporting events in our gyms and at Renton Stadium via the NFHS Network. A subscription is required and must be purchased. for about $10.99 per month. You can see upcoming events for Renton High by typing Renton High’s name in the search bar. 

We are also exploring options for livestreaming those events not held in our gyms or at Renton Stadium.  Please reference this website and follow RSD and RHS social media for updates.

We are working to offer complete athletic schedules by school on the VNN Sports website. We ask that you continue to be flexible with our everchanging times, locations etc. due to the Covid-19 pandemic and circumstances often beyond our control.

Aleta Konkol, Assistant Principal/Athletic Director