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Message From The AD

My name is Rashaad Powell and it is an honor and a privilege to return to my alma mater serving as athletic director at The Renton High School! While Renton High School has recently transitioned to become the RedHawkS, we maintain our rich 100+ year history of PRIDE, TRADITION, and EXCELLENCE in interscholastic athletics! As members of the WIAA and KingCo League (2A), I look forward to fostering a culture of academic excellence in athletics, building competitive and sustainable athletic programs, increasing student and community attendance at contests, and creating a support system for our athletic programs and department.

While the RedHawkS athletic department will strive for athletic greatness, accolades, and championships, an equal or greater emphasis will be placed on academic achievement, accolades, and success. RedHawkS student – athletes are students FIRST and athletes SECOND, who will strive to positively represent our school, families, community, and themselves at all times. Attending class daily and on – time, putting forth their best academic effort to not only meet, but exceed academic requirements, and displaying exemplary citizenship is “The RedHawk Way." 

In closing, I am fully committed to supporting our student – athletes, coaches, and families build, grow, and achieve through our athletic programs. Renton High School’s goal of “graduation on – time with options” will be embedded in our leadership and student - athletes as we pursue athletic excellence. I am looking forward to a tremendous amount of academic and athletic successes and seeing our RedHawkS student - athletes soar to great heights on and off of the field/court/mat in the future! Please feel free to contact me should the need ever arise. Go RedHawkS!!!

Yours In Service,

Rashaad Powell

Athletic Director

425.204.3413 (Office) (E – Mail)