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Redhawk Ticket Sales & Spectator Expectations

The tickets available for purchase below are for events happening at home this week.

RedHawkS Ticket Sales

The prices listed below are for regular season events. At Renton School District home games, we are happy to accept all major credit cards and cash for admissions. Post season prices and payment methods may vary.

Ticket Type


Adults/Students without ASB


Visiting Students with ASB


Elementary/Middle School Students (K-8)


Home Students with ASB


Student with ASB / Seniors (65+) / Pre-K


Spectator expectations

     We remind you that interscholastic athletic events are an extension of the classroom and that lessons are best learned when the proper respect is accorded to all. At stadium events please do not enter the track or playing field areas. At gymnasium events please do not walk along across the end lines. Spectators are encouraged to support their team in a positive manner. Negative engagement with officials, coaches, student – athletes, or event staff will not be tolerated. Please also see the below spectator sportsmanship code of conduct and be aware that violators are subject to removal without refund.

Spectator Sportsmanship Code of Conduct

Conduct toward officials:

No interaction with officials such as yelling, booing, throwing, cursing, or any other related negative actions. No cheers may be directed to an official.

Conduct toward student – athletes & coaches:

All cheers by individual school must be directed toward their own team. All cheers must be positive. No direct comments to individual student – athletes. No physical or verbal threats of any kind. All signs must be pre – approved by the athletic director.

Conduct toward cheer/band:

No throwing items. No negative cheers. Be respectful of cheer and band members and their equipment. No direct comments to individual members.

Conduct toward opposing team’s spectators:

No negative comments/yelling. No negative exchanges between fans, either verbal or physical.