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Renton School District

Rotary Club of Renton

Apply NOW to become Student of the Month

Good afternoon, RHS 12th graders! I hope that this finds you doing well!

The Rotary Club of Renton traditionally recognizes a Student of the Month from each RSD high school, September through May. While the program had been paused as a result of the pandemic, I am excited to announce that the Rotary Club of Renton is now prepared to celebrate Students of the Months, from September through December!!! That means I need you to apply! 

The Rotary Youth of the Month (RYOM) for September is always the Senior Class President. For the months of October – May, students (you!) will need to apply.

Download the application from the Rotary Club of Renton website. The application may pull from information that you may already be gathering for other applications. It can take about an hour to complete. If you have questions about how to complete your application, please let me know.

Applications received afterwards will be need to be received by December to be considered for the January RYOM, by January for the February RYOM and so on.

Selected students will receive a certificate, plus are able to showcase this accomplishment on applications. Beginning in January, there may even be the option of joining the Rotary Club of Renton Zoom luncheon.


Student of the Month- September 2020- May 2021

Catherine Dang

Catherine Dang, September 2020 Student of the Month

  • Fulltime Running Start student at Bellevue College
  • Athlete & Co-Captain on the RHS’s gymnastics team
  • Member & President of Key Club
  • Member of the Human Services Advisory of Renton. 

Although my hobbies revolve around creativity and include dancing, singing, and painting; my future career goals include earning my Real Estate license and earning an MBA through UW Foster School of Business. I am aspiring to focus on the logistics behind business administration and Information Systems.

Jenny Huynh

Jenny Huynh, October 2020 Student of the Month

  • Student in the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme
  • Vice President of the Vietnamese Student Association (VSA)
  • Treasurer for Junior State of America
  • Vice President for the Freshmen class of 2020
  • Class President during my sophomore year.

I earned a letter on the RHS' tennis and gymnastics varsity team, and you may have seen me perform at the Multicultural show the last three years.


Narciso Carig

Narciso Carig, November 2020 Student of the Month

  • Student in the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme
  • Member of Filipino Student Union
  • VP of the K-pop Club
  • President of Junior State of America
  • Public Relations Advisor for the Japanese Research Club
  • Previously, ASB for class of 2021 my freshmen year.

 I am now in the process of enrolling in South Korea's Silla University to study the Korean language for two years. Then, I intend on pursuing a BA in Fashion Design at Seoul National University. After, I may continue and earn a PhD in Fashion Management. I hope to become a fashion designer for my own company based in South Korea, or work for a major fashion company I love  so I can input my creative pieces into the work-space.

Richie Doan

Richie Doan, December 2020 Student of the Month

  • Student in the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme
  • President of RHS' Running Club
  • Athlete in Cross Country and Track & Field
  • Member of Key Club
  • Member of HOSA

Playing the violin and running are my hobbies and really help in stretching my physical and cognitive capabilities. I take violin lessons through Keys for Change and have been able to perform at a multitude of venues and for esteemed musicians.

Gabriel Sharp

Gabriel Sharp, January 2021 Student of the Month

  • Varsity Tennis Team 
  • Participated in the 2017 USATF Hershey National Junior Olympic Track & Field Championships
  • Received an Award for Academic Excellence in 2019-2020

I am very interested in the world around me and have traveled to Switzerland, Rome, Malta, and several states around the US that include CA, ID, OR, and AZ. I love to study psychology, mathematics, and I am interested in wellness activities like working out, walking, jogging, and healthy cooking.

When I graduate, I hope to study abroad at a University or on the West Coast of the US like California or Hawaii. 


Ping Yu

Ping Yu, February 2021 Student of the Month

  • Member of Key Club
  • Member & Treasurer of RHS Math Club
  • The Green Team Club
  • Volunteer Service at Luther’s Table
  • Volunteer Service at the Salvation Army 

Besides volunteering, I enjoy working out, watching movies, playing video games, and doing further studies on subjects I enjoy like math, business, and biology. I event spent a summer at RTC taking Pre-Calculus.

I really want to invest in myself and my future and I have considered the military for all of the benefits including cost of education, but I have also considered studying investment and business at a university. 


Michelle Aguilar

Michelle Ramirez, March 2021 Student of the Month

  • Secretary & President for Jobs for Americas Graduates
  • Treasurer for Latinx Student Union
  • Performed Multicultural Festival 9th & 12th grade
  • JV Softball
  • JV Basketball
  • Honor Awards in World History and Language Arts
  • Received WA State Seal of Biliteracy Proficient-Spanish

A unique talent that I have would be public speaking. I’ve always been a very talkative person and an extrovert. I realized how much my voice impacts many. I speak up on issues like homelessness, injustice for BIPoC, politics, and more. I’ve been able to participate in public events, create podcasts about these issues, start discussions, and overall, bring awareness.

I spend my spare time journaling, meditating, working out, and advocating for others. Hobbies in which I take part would be cooking, dancing, journaling.

My plans after graduation would be to go into a Four-year University to get my bachelor's degree in criminal justice and possibly do a minor in psychology. Later on, I plan to go into one of the military branches, army, navy, or marine, join the F.B.I. or C.I.A. and help many.


Meymun Mohamud

Meymun Mohamud, April 2021 Student of the Month

  • My hobbies are reading, solving math problems, drawing, and studying. 
  • I was born and raised in Somalia
  • Fled Somalia in 2007 to Ethiopia and finally to America
  • My education and family are very important to me and a huge part of my life. Most of my spare time is used spending quality time with my family and studying. I am proud to say I have 3 brothers and 7 sisters!
  • I love to help people

I hope to become a dentist after I graduate. I want to be a dentist because I dream of helping people love their smiles. One day I hope to go back to my country and help them too, it is my passion, and it brings me joy.  


Shreeyamsa Poudel

Shreeyamsa Pouel, May 2021 Student of the Month

  • Born and raised in a multilingual and multicultural environment 
  • Performs Hindi & Nepali cultural dances
  • Can fluently read, write, and speak in three languages- Nepali, Hindi and English! 
  • Loves to Networking and meet new people
  • Tutors at the Nepali Youth Association to help Nepalese American youths learn how to read, write and speak in Nepali.
  • Volunteers for the Nepali Seattle Society, dedicating over 11 hours a week to support the organization.
  • Spends spare time watching Hindi and Nepali movies, watching YouTube, and cooking. 
  • Multiple clubs at school, Community services of Key Club, to helping the environment through the Recycling Club, and of course Badminton Club


2019-2020 Rotary Club of Renton Student of the Month

2019 September YOM: Ahjona %22AJ%22 Somerszaul-Ashford

Ahjonai "AJ" Somerszaul-Ashford, September 2019 Student of the Month

Youth Of the Month Jacqueline Nguyen

Jacqueline Nguyen, October 2019 Student of the Month

2019 November YOM: Ariana Alicia Ing

Alicia Ing, November 2019 Student of the Month 

2019 December YOM: Adonis Clemente

Adonis Clemente, December 2019 Student of the Month

2020 January YOM Samirah Apdalhaliem

Samirah Apdalhaliem, January 2020 Student of the Month

2020 February YOM Diana Caoagdan

Diana Caoagdan, February 2020 Student of the Month 

2020 March YOM Tyler Todd

Tyler Todd, March 2020 Student of the Month

Eliam Smith

Eliam Smith, April 2020 Student of the Month

Abby Elliot

Abby Elliot, May 2020 Student of the Month 

2018-2019 Rotary Club of Renton Student of the Month

September 2018 student of the month Lauren Wetzel

Lauren Wetzel, 2018 September Student of the Month

December 2018 student of the month Ashley Thapa

Ashley Thapa, 2018 December Student of the Month

March 2019 student of the month Dawit Borrows

Dawit Borrows, 2019 March Student of the Month

October 2018 student of the month Elena Uncangco

Elena Uncangco, 2018 October Student of the Month

January 2019 student of the month Anson Huang

Anson Huang, 2019 January Student of the Month

April 2019 student of the month Yvonne Truong

Yvonne Truong, 2019 April Student of the Month

November 2018 student of the month Hannah Malkin

Hannah Malkin, 2018  November Student of the Month

January 2019 student of the month William Gasper

William Gaspar, 2019 February Student of the Month

May 2019 student of the month Kerry Diaz-Neri

Kerry Diaz-Neri, 2019 May Student of the Month

2019 May YOM: Ariana King

Ariana King, 2019 May Student of the Month

Congratulations to all of our 2018-2019 Rotary Club of Renton Student of the Month students!! You are beyond amazing!

  • Lauren Wetzel, September 2018
  • Elena Uncangco, October 2018
  • Hannah Malkin, November 2018
  • Ashley Thapa, December 2018
  • Anson Huang, January 2019
  • William Gaspar, February 2019
  • Dawit Borrows, March 2019
  • Yvonne Truong, April 2019
  • Kerry Diaz-Neri, May 2019
  • Ariana King, May 2019