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Monday - Friday, 06:45 am - 02:45 pm during the regular school year.

For records requests, please use the following:

Tel: (425) 204-3475

Fax: (425) 204-3528



Renton High School's professional School Counselors support the efforts of teachers, staff, parents and other members of the community in promoting the educational, career, personal and social development of students. They each have at least a master’s degree in Education and have multiple years of experience and ongoing education and training. 

The Counselors are vested in student success and healthy development through the support services they provide. Counselors work together with students, parents, staff and the community to build a dynamic learning community. Counselors guide students toward graduation and success by serving as a strong connection for the many resources within the school district and the numerous community resources available in the Renton area. As members of the Renton High School educational team, Counselors are dedicated to helping all students achieve their target of on-time graduation with strong, positive options available to them after graduation.

The goal of graduation begins in pre-kindergarten and continues through 12th grade. Counselors serve as valuable guides throughout this journey and provide direction along the path in the areas of:

·         Academic success

·         College and Career Awareness

·         Individual Planning

·         Guidance Curriculum

·         Responsive Services


Your Counselor can also help you with personal problems arising from social, home, or classroom situations.  Please feel free to seek assistance by signing up to see your counselor on the sign-up sheets in the Counseling Department or emailing them.



Students are expected to carefully plan their course requests and to register for the correct/appropriate classes during the regular registration process.  Schedule changes after the normal registration process is completed will NOT BE DONE unless a valid educational need is evident. Schedule changes will not be allowed without administrator approval after the 8th day of each semester. Students must always report to their assigned class and wait to be called to the Counseling Office to discuss their schedule change. 

In general, when a student enrolls in a course, it is considered a commitment to take and complete the course. The schedule change is only completed when the counselor finalizes the process with the student. If a student elects to drop a class after 9 days, a “W” will be earned for the class as a semester grade.  Students withdrawing from a class after thirty (30) days will receive a grade of “F” on the transcript.  There may NOT be another class available to take that period.  Note: Absences carry into the next class on any student-initiated schedule change.  See your counselor if you have questions about your classes.



In order to assist students’ focus on academic success, the following minimum credits are suggested for promotion to the next grade level and are considered “on track to graduate.”  Students earning fewer credits should meet with their counselor to determine possible options to graduate on time.


Freshmen (9th) to Sophomore (10th): 5.5 credits   
Sophomore (10th) to Junior (11th): 11.0 credits
Junior (11th) to Senior (12th): 16.5 credits



To be eligible for graduation, students must meet both district and state credit and testing requirements.  The specific requirements for each graduation year can be found on our website. If you have questions please see your grade level counselor to determine the course work and state testing requirements for both graduation and to be college and career-ready upon graduation.

NOTE: One trimester course equals 0.5 credits, which is earned for successful completion of trimester course. Students take 5 classes per day and each trimester is 12 weeks long. A student can earn 7.5 credits per school year with this system.



10th – 12th Last names A-Ga, Crystal Wetzel (425) 204-3430

10th – 12th Last names Ge-O, Timothy White (425) 204-3431

10th – 12th Last names P-Z, Krsto Budech (425) 204-3432

All 9th, Last names A-Z, Blaise Pike (425) 204-3433

Counseling Intern, Victoria Haines

Counseling Secretary, Linda Pappas-Stallman (425) 204-3475

Registrar, Amanda Cathcart (425) 204-3434

Assistant Registrar, Ilene Bale: (425) 204-3435