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Letters of Recommendation


First: Find out if letters of recommendation are actually required for your college or place of employment.

Second: Ask the person you would like to write a letter of recommendation at least 2 weeks before the deadline.

  • Make sure to provide them with the following information:
  • What the letter is for--name of college(s) or scholarship(s) or employment.
  • Application Deadline
  • How it should be submitted--by the student? to a portal? through the mail? If mail, provide a stamped envelope.
  • Complete the Letter of Recommendation Form, save the form, and either print it out and bring it to your counselor or email them with this as an attachment. 
  • A copy of your Academic Resume.


Send a thank you note to people who take the time to write you a letter. 


Letters of Recommendation Styles and Tips

sample letter request

How to Request a Letter of Recommendation


Dear (Mr/Ms/Mrs/Mx) Name

Thank you for being willing to write me a letter of recommendation in support of my college application. This letter will give you a better idea of the classes and activities that I have been involved with throughout my high school years (also see my attached résumé).

The other people who I am asking to write me a letter of recommendation are Mrs. Example Name (Spanish), Mr. Example Name  (English), and Mrs. Example Name (Principal).

I am asking each person to focus on different aspects of my background, character, academics, and activities so the college will get a broad sense of my life and skills.

Could you please comment on some of the following points in your letter?

  • My grade in your (name of class) class is (list grade).
  • My participation in your class and contributions.
  • My involvement in helping other students with chemistry homework, especially students who had a difficult time with the subject.
  • My project/presentation titled: 
  • My goal of attending a college that has a strong science department. I plan to continue to take science courses and major in a basic science to prepare for a career as a nurse practitioner. I am very excited to be the first in my family to attend college. My parents were farm workers in Bakersfield where I was born. Although most of my older brothers and sisters graduated from high school, none have attended college. Since my parents do not speak English, I have learned to be independent in my search for colleges and financial aid. I am very appreciative of the support from many of the teachers at Delano High School. (this is an example)

I appreciate you taking the time to write this letter of recommendation. Please let me know if you need any other information from me. Your support means a lot!

The letter is due on (date). Please use the attached envelope to mail the letter directly to the college (remember to check the college requirements).

Thank you again.

Your Name