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Transcripts, Record Requests, and GPA Inquiries

current student transcript requests

Current students can request a copy of their transcript from the counseling office by filling out a Transcript request form in person or by emailing Ms. Linda Pappas-Stallman.

Seniors can also send their transcript requests for college applications by emailing Ms. Linda Pappas-Stallman.

gpa inquiries for current students

Go to your Skyward account

Click Gradebook (tab on the left side), then click the GPA/Class Rank tab.

Note: Washington high schools do not have weighted GPAs. If a college looks at weighted GPAs, they will recalculate yours, so you are not at a disadvantage.


If the last school you attended has been closed, or is on break or summer vacation please send your transcript request form to Student Services. Otherwise, please complete the form and email it to the below high school as it relates to your graduation high school. 

Hazen High School

Lindbergh High School

Renton High School

Talley High School

All other schools: please reach out to your school's registrar or office manager. 

  •  There is a $5.00 fee payable by credit/debit card using the Online Payment System or by mailing a check. Attach receipt to your transcript request along with a copy of photo ID. *Paying the fee without submitting the documents will not initiate a request.
  • The fee is waived for current students and those who graduated within the past year.
  • You can email, mail or fax the form. (Contact information is on the top of the transcript request form)
  • There is a 48 hour turnaround time. 
  • Diplomas are a one-time only, ceremonial item.  Copies are not available.

If a student is over 18 and another person (family member, friend, etc) wishes to receive the given student's transcript, a letter written by the student must be provided with the person's name and a copy of the student's Driver's License as well as identification of the person who wishes to receive the transcript.

Please review the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act if you have any questions regarding Student and Family Privacy Rights.