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Library Information

What are the open hours for the library?

Monday - Thursday: 07:00a - 02:30p

Friday: 08:20a - 02:30p

*Library may have extended after school hours on days when homework help and tutoring occur.

How do teachers schedule class time in the library?

The library is reserved on a first come, first served basis. You may email a request or stop by the library to schedule. I will send a follow-up email and share a link to the library calendar on Outlook. Please check the calendar prior to sending a request.

Why would a student or class go to the library?

Some ideas include:

Independent reading book selection
Collaborative learning/use of larger learning space
Cross-curricular projects

Can students visit the library during class?

Yes, students can visit the library with teacher approval. They MUST HAVE A SIGNED PASS and will be required to sign in/out.

Librarian Contact Information:

I am excited to serve our school as librarian this year and look forward to working with you and our students. If you have additional questions you can contact me.

Librarian Contact Information:
Vanessa Barut-del Fierro
(425) 204-3406