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Academic Advancement Coordinators

Renton High School is proud to present our academic support program headed by our Academic Advancement Coordinators (AACs). The AAC team provides academic support in one-on-one academic advising, in-classroom support, and after-school tutoring and homework help. They fully support helping students graduate on time, and with choices!

Homework Help Center is in the library Monday through Thursdays after-school until 4pm. Please check in with an AAC for any questions!

Meet the Team

Brie Agapov (Mrs. A)

Karolina Szulkowski

This is my fourth year at RHS. I have a bachelor's in mathematics. I taught/tutored math for 2 years before joining the AAC at RHS. I love my job because it's challenging and I feel like I can make a difference in the lives of students I support. A little bit about myself, I love traveling, food, and spending time outside. I have a beautiful son named Asher and I've been married for 9 years. I primarily work with freshman, but I'm able to support students in all levels of math and science. 

Amrita Heer (Ms. Amrita)
(206) 659-6092

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Hi! I’m Ms. Amrita and this is my 5th year at Renton. I grew up in Renton so I love getting to work here! I am currently getting my Master’s in School Counseling and am currently one of the School Counseling interns at RHS. I can speak some levels of multiple languages: Spanish, Punjabi, and Hindi! I can especially support you all in these classes: Math, Spanish, Business/Marketing, and Language Arts.

Salim Rich (Mr. Rich)
(971) 248-5116

Salim Rich

Hello! I’m Mr. Rich, and I feel lucky to say that this is my 6th year at The Renton High School. I grew up in the Renton/Seattle area so it is really special for me to work in that same community. I love a good book, even though I don't read as much as I would like to and I’ve recently been playing a lot of Chess so if you’re interested in a game, let me know! I’m really comfortable supporting most subjects, but Writing and Science courses really excite me