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Dear RHS IB families,

I am sure we all have a variety of concerns surrounding the status of the May 2020 IB exam session during this difficult time, and the effect school closures will have on our students.

There are so many variables concerning what might happen, that the best advice I can give to students and families right now is to do our best to proceed on the assumption that students will take their IB exams in May as planned. Teachers are using the Canvas Learning Management System to push specific content and exam preparation work to our IB students, and we are working on a local level with RSD and an international level with IB to see what we can accomplish as the situation develops. Given the breadth of the impact of the virus on schools worldwide, it is very likely IB will institute a “whole system” solution, rather than leave it up to individual schools. A great source of information is IB's Covid-19 update page which is comprehensive and updated daily.

I encourage families to stay positive, and help your students stay on a routine during the school closure. IB exams fairly consistently take place during 8AM-10AM and 12PM-2PM time frames, so a good start would be to encourage students to be active in academic work/study during those hours. I plan to share study tips and information several times weekly via a variety of methods – please look out for those.

Kind regards and best wishes for good health.