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Class of 2021

This section is where you will find everything relevant for Seniors, including important graduation information. Updates to come will be 12 Outstanding Seniors, Renton Rotary Scholars, moving up assembly, and more. Check back often for updated information!

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Recording of Senior Zoom Meeting - 11/19/2020

RHS Senior PowerPoint Presentation

To download a copy of the PowerPoint, please click here.

Cap and Gown Information

If you have any questions about Caps and Gowns email Louis Bremond or Jayshawn Jordan or call National Achiever at (425) 357-1338. They also have a support line at Renton High School does not handle, have order information, or take payments for Caps and Gowns. National Achiever is our supplier for Caps and Gowns and is solely responsible for your graduation products.

Fill out your Contact Card. Please note that you must do this before anything else to reserve a cap and gown, even if you plan on waiting until June of 2021 to pick it up.

Order Caps and Gowns.

National Achiever Class Video

Community Service Information

Volunteer hours are needed to graduate. Complete the downloadable and fillable Community Service Hours Form. After you finish filling out this form, email it directly to Ms. Bale or Ms. Pappas-Stallman.

For any college and career information, please check out the Career Website or contact Ms. Fulmer.

Your Counseling Team Recommends

Please view the below video. Your counselors believe that this motivational speech may help you be as successful as possible your senior year, and beyond!

Make Your 24 Hours Matter


Q. How do I submit my senior photos for the yearbook?

A. Enter our school code of Renton2021 on the yearbook website. Complete the form and update your contact information. Choose portrait, then upload your photo. Email Ms. Soule with any comments or questions!

Q. I have a question about IB testing!

A. Please contact Mr. Collie for anything related to IB. This includes IB exams, IB diplomas, IB certificates, IB fees, and more.

Q. What can I do about IB fees?

A. IB offers reduced fees for families in need. Please fill out the Free and Reduced Lunch Form to see if you qualify. The form is available via Skyward and as an online form. You can also contact Mr. Collie for any other questions.

Q. Are we returning to school this year?  

A. We don't know, as of now.  It depends on King County and the COVID Matrix which determines that.  It must be < 25/100,000 as an average over a 14-day period before this will be considered.  

Q.  What do I do if I am struggling mentally or emotionally? 

A.  Contact your counselor.  They can give you a referral to our HealthPoint Clinic.

Q. Can I take the STAMP test this year?  

A. Yes, you can take this test which gives you credit for any foreign language you speak, read, and/or write. Contact your counselor ASAP to sign up. 

Q. What if I need help with my college applications? 

A. Please contact Ms. Fulmer for any college application and FAFSA/WASFA questions.

Q. Do we have to take the SBA test this year?

A. Currently, we do not have information about testing occurring this year.  It is dependent on being able to safely return to campus in person for proctored tests.  We will send emailed updates as we get them, and also post the information on this page.

Q. Do we have to take the SAT test if we are going to a 4-year school?

A. No, most schools are waiving the need for SAT test scores this year.

Q. How do I get a copy of my transcript? 

A. Students can request an unofficial copy of their transcript from Mrs. Pappas-Stallman in the counseling office by filling out a transcript request form.

Q. What about my diploma?

A. Please confirm your legal name with the counseling office as soon as possible in order to confirm the correct name will go on your diploma. Anyone in the counseling office will be able to help you.