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Class of 2024

How to Submit Your Senior Photos:

1.      Visit the following link: or use the QR code:

2.      Click “Choose Files”

3.      Select the photo you wish to upload – one file per person, please. Do not upload multiples.

4.      Provide your Contact Information & Image Information

5.      “Click Upload Chosen Images”

You will receive a confirmation email that your photo has been uploaded. ALL senior student portraits are due by 1/22/2024

Senior Photo Guidelines:
Please follow these guidelines as you select your official portrait for the senior section in the yearbook.

·        Photos should be of the student only. No other people should be in the photo.

·        Clothing and jewelry must be in accordance with school dress code guidelines.

·        No hand gestures or hand signs.

·        No props (this includes animals, hats that create too much shadow on or cover the face, sunglasses, signs, etc.)

·        No filters, textures, name stamping, embossing, logos, or date stamps.

·        Photo must be portrait (vertical), not landscape (horizontal).

·        Minimum image size: 640 X 800 pixels (2.133 x 2.667”) at 300 dpi. We will crop if necessary.

·        Photos must be submitted DIGITALLY. Physical copies will not be accepted

·        If you choose not to submit a senior photo, your official school ID photo will appear in the yearbook by default.

·        If your photo does not meet all the above requirements, it will NOT be included in the yearbook.

·        You may also submit a SENIOR QUOTE along with your photo. If the quote is not in English, please provide the English translation so that it can be approved. We reserve the right to exclude anything distasteful, derogatory, offensive, or quotes that do not include translations.

Still have questions? Please see Mrs. Soule before/after school in Room 263
or email your questions to

How to Submit Your Senior Quote:

Quotes must be 25 words or fewer and school-appropriate. If the quote is taken from a movie/song/literature, please credit the original author. We reserve the right to omit your quote if it does not follow the guidelines. If you submit an unacceptable quote, you will be contacted to provide another quote.

1.      Email your senior quote to: 

2.      Include in the email:

a.      Quote – up to 20 words MAX

b.      Credit Original Author of the quote

c.      Your first and last name

3.      You will receive a confirmation email when the yearbook staff has processed your quote into our database.


Updates to come will be 12 Outstanding Seniors, Renton Rotary Scholars, moving up assembly, and more. Check back often for updated information!

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