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Counseling Information

The Counseling Center offers specialized individual and group counseling and testing services for students. A staff of professionally trained counselors is available to provide confidential assistance on an individual basis to students with educational, vocational, personal and social concerns.  While you are responsible for knowing the following, your Counselors can help you with these items:

  • Helping you to set up your four-year program
  • Describing the contents of courses open to you
  • Knowing the number of credits you have earned 
  • Informing you of your graduation requirements
  • Telling you if you have/have not met testing standard required to graduate and be career-college ready

Your counselor can also help you with personal problems arising from social, home, or classroom situations.  Please feel free to seek assistance by signing up to see your counselor on the sign-up sheets in the counseling office

Students celebrating in their caps and gowns at the 2022 RHS Graduation