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Student Guidelines and Expectations

It is the intent of the school to encourage students to correct undesirable/unacceptable/unsafe behavior, and attendance problems whenever reasonably possible. Renton High School has a zero – tolerance policy for weapons, fighting, gang related activity, and drugs/alcohol. 

Students are expected to conduct themselves in a positive manner, including respecting Renton High School and Renton School District rules in a way that contributes to a positive school atmosphere (including physical environment). The Renton High School community expects appropriate behavior from all students every day.

We strive to utilize a progressive discipline system, based upon principles of restorative practices. Meaning, students requiring disciplinary action will be handled in an accumulative and progressive manner, with the “disciplinary action” not being the focus, but the act of restoration, and re-engagement for the student.

The goal of each intervention is to assist the student in identifying the problem, encouraging accountability, and working collaboratively to restore positive relationships with others and the school environment. Students will receive re-engagement support to minimize the amount of class time missed.

Please review the following expectations and disciplinary actions. Please note, this is not an exhaustive list of expectations. Please contact your appropriate grade level administrator or Dean of Students with questions.